Microsoft to bury carbon in the ground

Carbon Streaming will be providing Microsoft with carbon removal credits from its Waverly Biochar project, with the expectation of delivering up to 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide removal credits per year towards Microsoft’s carbon negative target.

“We’re pleased to work with Carbon Streaming to support the development of biochar as a carbon removal approach through the Waverly Biochar project. Carbon Streaming’s capacity to provide project-level finance is an important part of scaling this industry and it ensures we can focus on procuring carbon removal from high quality projects,” said Brian Marrs, senior director, energy and carbon, at Microsoft.

Producing biochar and burying it in soils is a way of storing carbon for centuries. According to Project Drawdown, biochar could scale to sequester between 1.36–3.00Gt of carbon emissions by 2050, equivalent to between two and four and a half years of Canada’s 2021 carbon emissions.

Achieving that scale will require building both supply and demand, and Microsoft is a major coup to help other companies offtake verified carbon dioxide removal generated by the Waverly Biochar facility.

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