New homes required to have chargers

The Government has announced that all new homes and buildings in England will need to install electric vehicle charging points.

Speaking at the CBI’s annual conference, the Prime Minister made the new legal requirement and also announced that there would be another 145,000 charging points as a result of these new regulations.

Tony Danker, CBI Director-General, responded to the speech: “What the Prime Minister set out today on EV charging is exactly the kind of detail we need to drive the necessary investment for a high-growth economy. That mix of high of ambition and focused detail can provide a blueprint for how government and business can work together to turn political aspiration into boardroom action.

“With many business leaders in the North still feeling bruised by last week’s decision on HS2, that spirit of partnership must kick into gear straight away so that Government, local leaders and businesses are able to find a better way forward to address those places that missed out.”

Currently there are about 25,000 charging points, but it is estimated that the UK will need nearer a quarter of a million by 2030 in order to meet targets for net-zero, and with most major manufactures heading to all electric ranges by this date, from Volvo to Aston Martin, demand for charging points will outstrip supply unless a radical acceleration is forthcoming.

Moreover, UK electric car sales are steadily climbing, with 10 per cent of cars sold in 2020 being electric, up from 2.5 per cent in 2018.

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