The barriers to being green

A new study reveals the challenges to adopting a greener lifestyle, with 68 per cent of the UK admitting they aren’t doing everything they could to help the environment.

The study of 2,000 people commissioned by Hyundai reveals that ‘cost’ is a top barrier stopping people embracing greener habits (with 55 per cent of people saying so). Nearly half can’t bear the idea of giving up meat to be ‘environmentally friendly’, while 27 per cent are confused about how best to be green. Others simply like to buy new things (21 per cent), are too busy (20 per cent) - or think they are hampered by where they live (10 per cent).

When it comes to playing our part for the planet, 35 per cent admit to feeling guilty about how little they do for the environment. It also emerged 1 in 5 adults feel it’s been harder to do things to help the environment over the last year, following the effects of the pandemic and the need to prioritise other things.

The study also reveals generational differences. Seven in ten Generation Z respondents (aged 18-24) believe the last year has helped them understand more about what they can do to tackle climate change, with 47 per cent of those constantly seeking tips and advice to help them be greener, compared with only 6 per cent of those aged 55-64.

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