The carbon footprint of websites

The Eco-Friendly Web Alliance (EFWA) is creating the world’s first eco-standard for websites that will allow them to emit less than one gramme of CO2 per page view.

At the same time a new study by Rouge Media has analysed the carbon footprint of 42 worldwide environmental organisations’ websites, based on the energy source they run on and the estimated amount of carbon produced per visit.

Using data scraped from the Website Carbon Calculator tool, it is estimated that 57 per cent of the 42 websites studied run on energy from sustainable sources. The remaining 43 per cent use datacentres that run on energy from the electricity grid or aren’t registered with The Green Web Foundation.

World Wide Views on Global Warming has the ‘cleanest’ environmental website studied, producing just 0.1 grammes of Co2 per visit, closely followed by Greenpeace (0.12g), Extinction Rebellion (0.27g), C40 Cities (0.3g) and Carbon Trade Watch (0.49g).

Only 9 trees would be needed to absorb the Co2 produced by the five ‘cleanest’ websites annually, compared to 231 trees for the five ‘dirtiest’.

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