Tidal barrier built to combat climate change

A £67.4 million tidal flood barrier in Ipswich has been officially opened offering protection for 1,600 homes and 400 businesses.

The barrier is a response to the Governments current predictions that sea levels could rise by up to 1.15 metres by the next century, increasing the risk of tidal surges affecting those living on the coast.

At a cost of almost £34,000 per business or household, the need for the barrier underlines the real impact that climate change is having and the associated costs.

The flood gate has a design similar to that of the Thames Barrier and is so large that it is coated with 6 tonnes of protective paint. The flood gate rotates upwards out of the sea floor into the closed position, holding back dangerous tidal surges that could flood the town. The defence also includes 1,100 metres of new and refurbished flood walls and a series of floodgates on the banks of the River Orwell.

The Environment Agency’s chair, Emma Howard Boyd, said: “Climate change means increasing storms and rising sea levels all over the world. This flood scheme will help people and businesses prosper in a more resilient Ipswich over the course of the next century.”

Met report here.

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