Only a tenth of companies have any plan for carbon reduction

Just 10 per cent of the companies have implemented a carbon reduction target, and very few have committed to setting science-based targets, which reflect the action needed at a corporate level to keep global warming within 2°C.

The findings come from a report by Carbon Credentials, assessing the levels of engagement from employees, at a senior and junior level, with sustainability goals.

1,000 employees across a variety of business roles were asked about their perspective on their company’s sustainability performance, and 1,000 senior leaders with responsibility for sustainability or energy were asked about their organisation's commitments in the survey.

Although only a tenth of companies have any form of reduction plan, 66 per cent of employees would support a bonus incentive scheme to help cut carbon at work and 57 per cent of employees say their organisation is not doing enough to involve them in cutting their carbon emissions.

The survey concludes that there is what it defines as a ‘carbon commitment gap’ where businesses are not taking the strategic actions required to set and achieve long-term targets or successfully engaging their workforce on the sustainability commitments that they do make. This is despite a strong indication that employees are highly engaged on a personal level.

Paul Lewis, the CEO of Carbon Credentials, commented: “I hope this report will invigorate those who work in the sector to refocus and continue making impactful change.”

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