WRAP roadmap for 2025

The UK Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025, published today by WRAP provides a framework for all businesses aligned with the targets of The UK Plastics Pact, the programme to tackle the issue of plastic waste through collaboration across the entire supply chain.

Together, UK Plastic Pact member businesses are responsible for 80 per cent of plastic packaging sold through UK supermarkets, and half of all packaging placed on the market. The Roadmap is a guide for businesses and others to know what actions need to be taken, by when and outlines some of the key challenges that will need to be overcome.

Marcus Gover, chief executive of WRAP explained; “We have 68 of the UK’s largest businesses and organisations committed to the UK Plastics Pact from retail and brands, manufacturers and hospitality, to the plastic supply sector, recycling and resource management. The Roadmap is a real opportunity for them to forge ahead and make change happen at scale, and in significant ways.”

The UK Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025 hopes to aid a shift from single-use to a circular economy model while avoiding unintended environmental consequences of actions such as substitution or blanket removal which could lead to increased greenhouse gas emissions and/or increased food waste. Furthermore, it hopes that it can reduce the current confusion as to whether packaging is recyclable; if the targets are achieved all plastic packaging will be recyclable or compostable by 2025.

WRAP has set three key milestones dates: April 2019, the end of 2022 and finally by 2025.

The UK Plastics Pact Roadmap to 2025 document here.

Video here.

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