New investors demand greater sustainability

Investors now expect their fund managers to do much more than assessing risk and return, also looking for them to help navigate sustainability issues in much greater depth, according to a survey by Triodos Bank.

The survey, which polled UK investors, shows that 83 per cent would expect or want to see their fund manager upskilling in sustainability and environmental issues, while 85 per cent would like or expect their fund manager to help avoid greenwashing claims from financial providers. For new investors, this is even more important, rising to 91 per cent of those that have begun investing in the past year for both responses.

New investors are also demanding much more detailed analysis of the funds they invest in, with 90 per cent wanting their fund manager to conduct in-depth research into each company in a fund to make sure every single investment aligns with their values and personal ESG criteria.

As well as having greater expertise in ethical and sustainable investments, investors want to see their fund managers taking direct action in line with the values of their investors with 81 per cent expecting or wanting to see their fund manager divest their investments from those that cause harm, which rises to 91 per cent of new investors. Proactively, 82 per cent (rising to 92 per cent of new investors) want their fund manager to engage with the companies they invest in directly on issues such as social impact and sustainability.

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