Smart DCC unveils new five year smart meter plan

The Data Communications Company (Smart DCC) has laid out a five year plan to promote its second generation of smart meters to homes and businesses. The company is looking to expand its reach in the smart meter market and has partnered with Ofgem’s Faster, More Reliable Switching programme, which gives consumers the option to switch energy supplier within one working day, to encourage competition in the energy market.

The company is aiming to help reach the Government’s sustainability target of offering every home and business a smart meter by 2021. The Government hopes to help reduce carbon emissions from wasted energy and promote the integration of electric vehicles and smart grids through the widespread use of smart meters. Smart DCC’s five year plan intends to continue the company’s current rate of installing roughly 20 new smart meters every minute. So far only about 12 or 13 million smart meters have been installed throughout the UK, leaving 40 million homes and businesses that require the technology by the end of next year if the UK is to reach its goal.

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