Charging infrastructure gets a boost

The Government is to invest £37m into electric charging infrastructure, dividing the investment between twelve projects including wireless charging technologies - charging without the need to plug in a cable.

Future of Mobility Minister, Michael Ellis, said: “We’re charging up the transport revolution and investing in technologies to transform the experience for electric vehicle drivers.”

The investment pledge comes on the one-year anniversary of the Government’s Road to Zero strategy that sets out measures to clean up road transport and to develop manufacturing. Through funding these projects, the Government is incentivising drivers to move towards buying electric vehicles, supporting the key aims of the strategy.

In addition to wireless charging the funding will help develop the roll out ‘pop-up’ chargers which are built into the pavement and offer a solution for electric vehicle drivers without access to off-street parking; chargepoints in car parks to allow for mass charging at night; using high speed internet connections to better share information online on charging progress and parking spaces; a project that will deliver semi-rapid charging using a low power grid connection minimising the need for costly substation upgrades.

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