Calls for greater wage transparency

The Fawcett Society is calling for wages to openly known in companies to prevent illegal discrimination.

The call is based on a survey of women, with three in ten (29 per cent) women polled saying that they had no idea what any of their male colleagues were paid, leaving them unaware of possible discrimination.

Fawcett’s new report Why Women Need a Right to Know calls for a change in law to give women (and one assumes men) a right to know what colleagues earn if they suspect there is pay discrimination. The polling shows that eight in ten (79 per cent) people support the change, saying they agree that a woman should be able to find out whether she is being paid less than a man for equal work.

In addition. the Fawcett Society is campaigning for changes to Include ethnicity within earnings reporting, expand it to employers with 100 or more staff, and make action plans mandatory; and allow for injury to feelings in compensation claims.

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