Electric vehicles show substantial growth

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) July report showed that the electric vehicle market has grown again overall. Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles showed a decline of 49.6 per cent, but non-plug-in hybrid electric vehicle registrations increased by 34.2 per cent and demand for battery electric vehicles increased considerably, at 158.1 per cent. The battery electric vehicle market now makes up 1.4 per cent of market share, which is its highest on record.

Traditionally powered vehicles produced a reduction in diesel-powered vehicles sales of 22.1 per cent, while petrol-powered vehicles remained relatively stable.

With more and more vehicle manufacturers joining the electric vehicle market, consumer choice for electric cars is rapidly expanding. Currently more than 350 models are available in the UK. Twenty-one of these models are battery electric vehicles, but as demand increases, this sector will likely make up a larger portion of the market in the years to come. Energy producers have also taken note, with BP investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure in China, reported on here. These investments in infrastructure are necessary for the growth of the battery electric vehicle market according to SMMT Chief Executive Mike Hawes, who said “Despite yet another month of decline in the new car market, it’s encouraging to see substantial growth in zero emission vehicles.”

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