EU ‘blew it’ on climate target

Three EU countries are in danger of derailing the EU’s fraught climate change targets, with Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic unwilling to place the EU’s strategic programme for 2019-24 in writing.

The original draft was to place a 2050 net zero target in place, as the UK has unilaterally done, but this has been removed.

Greenpeace EU climate policy adviser Sebastian Mang said: “Hollow words can’t rebuild a house flattened in a mudslide or repay a farmer who’s lost their harvest to drought. Merkel and Macron failed to convince Poland and bring others on board. With people on the streets demanding action and warnings from scientists that the window to respond is closing fast, our governments had a chance to lead from the front and put Europe on a rapid path to full decarbonisation. They blew it.”

“European leaders must call for an emergency EU climate summit to salvage Europe’s credibility ahead of a crucial UN meeting in September,” added Mang.

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