BP and Daimler to accelerate hydrogen infrastructure

BP and Daimler Truck have announced a partnership to help accelerate the introduction of a hydrogen network, supporting the roll-out of a key technology for the decarbonisation of UK freight transport.

They intend to pilot both the development of hydrogen infrastructure and the introduction of hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks in the UK under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will see BP assess the feasibility of designing, constructing, operating and supplying a network of up to 25 hydrogen refuelling stations across the UK by 2030.

These stations would be supplied by ‘green’ hydrogen – generated from water using renewable power. Complementing this, Daimler Truck expects to deliver hydrogen-powered fuel-cell trucks to its UK customers from 2025.

Daimler Truck has made it clear that it has a preference of hydrogen technology, focussing on liquid hydrogen to give greater fuel capacity and hence longer range. BP also intends to develop hydrogen refuelling stations in Europe and already has plans for hydrogen refuelling stations in Germany.

In the UK, BP has plans to build a hydrogen-producing facility in Teesside, UK, which could produce 1GW of blue hydrogen, produced from natural gas integrated with carbon capture and storage. BP is also exploring the potential for green hydrogen in the region, including supporting the development of Teesside as the UK’s first hydrogen transport hub. These activities support the Government’s target of developing 5GW of hydrogen production by 2030.

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