Flying taxi hub opens

The Air-One hub for air taxis and delivery drones has opened to the public for demonstrations in Coventry.

Funded by Innovate UK under the Future Flight Programme, the airport and charging hub for future electric Vertical Take-Off and Landing (eVTOL) aircraft – such as air taxis and autonomous delivery drones – Air-One will demonstrate a vision of future Urban Air Mobility (UAM), including its capacity to support Disaster Emergency Management & Security (DEMS) in areas exposed to climate change, pandemics or with diminishing resources.

Innovate UK has ben joined by Hyundai Motor Group and Coventry City Council to launch the demonstration site that showcases the potential of urban air mobility to reduce congestion, cut air pollution and help achieve a zero carbon future. The company intends to install more than 200 zero emission sites worldwide over the next five years, although, as yet, air taxis have not received regulatory approval.

NASA predicts that urban-air mobility in the US alone could be worth up to $500bn in the near-term and states that a significant barrier to market growth is the lack of infrastructure.

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