AXA: “climate laggards” face divestment by 2025

AXA Investment Managers will enhance its climate commitments applying a stronger policies to high impact companies and issuers from 2022.

The company will continue to invest in “climate leaders” that provide climate solutions enabling the transition to a 1.5C or already have a low carbon footprint and best in class climate and environmental practices.
For “transition leaders” with a good carbon reduction track record and/or a formal improvement path with measurable objectives. AXA IM will continue to work hard to identify those “transition leaders” that present a growth opportunity thus providing long term value for clients.

With “transition laggards” AXA will encourage them to accelerate their transition, notably through votes at their AGMs.

However, “climate laggards” that are not taking climate change seriously according to AXA, will be divested within three years if progress on their net-zero path is not substantial, thereby applying a “three strikes and you’re out” principle. Of the capital to be potentially divested from climate laggards, AXA will look to invest in climate and transition leaders.

AXA has also said that it will exit all coal investments in OECD countries by 2030, and throughout the rest of the world by 2040.

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