MINI makes it electric

As the last VW Beetle rolls off the line in Mexico, another legend is entering a new phase the Mini, first produced in 1959, is meeting its sixtieth year by going all electric.

The MINI Electric model will start production in Oxford in late 2019, with first deliveries in March 2020. The model will have both home and public charging cables as standard, designed for AC and DC charging using Type 2 and CCS Combo 2 plugs.

The car is something of an oddity for parent company BMW. BMW has already entered the electric market with its i3 and i8 cars but is generally seen to be behind the curve in the adoption of electric technology. The recent agreement with Jaguar Land Rover to share the development of electric drivetrains has underlined both this and the immense costs of new development.

The MINI is, therefore, something else – unlike most fully electric cars it is an existing car with the powertrain replaced, cutting development time, and in any case, the iconic look of the MINI is one of its main selling points.

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