Business ESG lost in translation

A survey by Lloyds Banking Group shows that there is a gap between customers’ ESG expectations and the delivery on these by companies. Asking 1,100 senior UK business decision makers and over 2,300 members of the public the survey found that half of business decision makers said they have no net-zero strategy, but three-quarters of UK adults thought they should have one.

The client 360 survey also found that 13 per cent of businesses still aren’t even aware of net-zero, while 29 per cent were beginning to explore what it means for their businesses. Conversely, 18 per cent were fully aware of net-zero and are adopting more sustainable practices.

Elsewhere, 41 per cent of businesses said they would appreciate more information on net-zero and relevant regulation. The survey highlights differences between the public’s expectation of companies’ action on sustainability and social issues and the number of companies that believe that this is in their remit or that are aware of these issues

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