Sky donates £1m to Lewis Hamilton’s foundation

Sky is creating a two-year partnership with Sir Lewis Hamilton’s charitable foundation, Mission 44 to address the disproportionately high rate of school exclusions among Black students in the UK.

Research from Mission 44 shows that Black Caribbean students are 2.5 times more likely to be permanently excluded compared with their White counterparts. The Hamilton Commission report, which was published in July last year also found that behaviour management practices within UK schools were disproportionately targeting Black students and having an impact on their educational journey.

Hamilton, said: “Through this partnership, I hope we can deliver meaningful change by arming schools with the proper strategies to support and empower young Black students, instead of giving up on them.”

44 is, of course, Hamilton’s racing number, and as the most successful driver in F1’s history with seven (or eight depending how you view legality of last year’s events) championships he has increasingly taken a role is attempting to change attitudes in the sport and in the wider world. Through grant-funding, research, partnerships and advocacy, Mission 44 is attempting to create long-lasting, transformative change to the lives of young people facing disadvantage and discrimination.

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