Blend hydrogen into the network

Blending hydrogen into the UK gas network should be accelerated, as long as safety can be assured, a new report states.

The Government’s adviser on the low-carbon gas, the ‘hydrogen champion’ Jane Toogood, has presented a report to Grant Shapps the Secretary of State for Energy Security and Net Zero on how to accelerate the development of the UK hydrogen economy.

The use of hydrogen is central to achieving the Governments net-zero targets and legislation on gas boilers is already preparing the UK domestic infrastructure to take a blend of hydrogen and natural gas with “hydrogen ready” boilers. Plentiful renewable energy from offshore wind also means that hydrogen production can be scaled up rapidly.

The report considers different types of hydrogen production but emphasises that at least half should be green hydrogen made with electrolysis from renewable power.

Domestic boilers currently account for about 20 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions, and even is boiler efficiency remained constant, using a 20 per cent hydrogen blend could cut 4 per cent of emissions.

Shapps responded to the report saying: “I also welcome and would like to highlight the recommendations for industry within the report. The private sector will be critical in developing the UK hydrogen economy, and government and industry will need to work closely together to realise its full potential.”

The Government is likely to decide by the end of the year whether to adopt a 20 per cent hydrogen mix into the gas distribution system.

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