UK public ready to cut plastic pollution

“The British public wants to recycle but we can’t get away from the vast amounts of waste that poorly designed packaging creates”, quoted Daniel Zeichner, MP for Cambridge, from a petition, signed by almost 250,000 people urging the Government to ban all non-recyclable food packaging that was debated in Parliament.

Urging more action to reduce waste, and citing the Blue Plant documentary, Zeichner noted that he believes that the public is now ready to do more and support moves to reduce packaging, saying, “We have woken up. There is genuine public recognition of the climate crisis and concern about the natural destruction caused by non-recyclable waste”.

Robert Goodwill, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food noted that the Government’s priority was to prevent or reduce waste in the first place, but noted that of the material that was used The UK reported to Eurostat that 64.27 per cent of UK packaging waste was recycled in 2018, surpassing the 55 per cent recycling target set in the European directive.

Zeichner used another quote from the petition in closing the debate, saying “the UK will thank you!”.

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