EU plans won't deliver

The draft National Energy and Climate Plans will fail to deliver the EU’s 32 per cent renewables target for 2030, according to analysis by WindEurope.

EU member countries agreed last year to draw up National Energy & Climate Plans to achieve the climate and energy targets, but the analysis reveals that every country has either insufficient or poor policy measures, with WindEurope noting that most of the draft plans give no long-term visibility on renewable energy auctions, doing little to support investment certainty.

The National Plans are supposed to detail not only new renewables capacity but also what countries will do with renewables that come to the end of their operational life between now and 2030. For wind the latter is up to 60GW. But no country provides policies to deal with this. And only six countries even recognise the issue (Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and Spain).

Another issue not fully addressed is how get more renewables into heating and transport. This is essential for the decarbonisation of energy, because it’s in heating and transport where three-quarters of energy gets consumed. But the draft Plans provide few detailed proposals or measures for electrifying heating and transport. No European country has planned to simplify corporate renewable Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which is explicitly mandated in the Renewable Energy Directive.

WindEurope CEO Giles Dickson said: “National governments need to fill these big gaps. Otherwise the plans won’t be meaningful. When are the renewables auctions happening? How much are you auctioning? How are you going to make it easier to get permits for wind farms? What are you doing to electrify heating and transport? And what’s your plan for your renewables that come to the end of their life between now and 2030?”

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