Virgin Media joins RE100

Virgin Media recently has announced its commitment to the use of 100 per cent renewable electricity. The telecommunications giant joins Apple, BT, Coca-Cola and numerous others in the RE100 initiative.

Created by The Climate Group and the CDP, The RE100 initiative encourages corporations to source 100 per cent of their electricity from renewable sources. Through signing large-scale corporate entities, the RE100 initiative seeks to create a more sustainable business culture. Virgin is the latest on the list of committed businesses.

Virgin’s 2018 Sustainability Report revealed a 22 per cent reduction in its carbon footprint, a direct result of the company’s implementation of RE100’s guidelines. Their new commitment to sustainability was honoured despite the presumed costs of making the switch from non-renewable to renewable energy providers. In fact, Virgin managed to maintain steady growth throughout the year, increasing revenue by 3.9 per cent, and increasing average service speed for consumers.

To achieve these goals, Virgin invested in newer, more efficient equipment and energy management systems, allowing them to increase service speed while decreasing their environmental impact.

In addition to the transition to 100% renewable electricity sources, Virgin Media made improvements to its charitable initiatives, including a support programme which aids people with disabilities in the workplace, helping them develop new skills, job training and work experiences. In terms of other environmental sustainability efforts, the company successfully reduced single-use plastic by over 60 tonnes and reduced paper waste from direct marketing by 79 per cent since 2014.

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