Uber links diversity to pay

Uber has attempted to move beyond having a ‘box to check or a target to hit’ on its diversity and inclusion, making a commitment to D&I in a wider sense, considering the ‘cumulative impact of various and simultaneous identities’.

In reality, this means that the company is seeking to instil practices and guidelines that are accepting and inclusive, with support, rather than attempting to limit the project to numbers. Whether such a balanced approach can be easily measured is a question, and even in outlining this approach its recent 2019 D&I report still refers back to raw figures.

However, Uber is at least putting its executives money where its mouth is, linking senior leaders remuneration to ‘progress on measurable D&I goals’ as one of the key metrics to evaluate job performance and determine executive compensation, setting specific KPIs to achieve compensation targets for several senior executives: by 2022 to grow the percentage of women at Uber’s L5 level and above to 35 per cent and grow the percentage of underrepresented employees at the L4 level and above to 14 per cent.

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