Shell UK headquarters targeted by Greenpeace

Shell’s headquarters have been targeted by Greenpeace UK activists in parallel with an ongoing Greenpeace climate justice protest at sea, as Shell posted record annual profits of £32.2bn.

The campaigners are calling on Shell to take responsibility for its historic role in climate change and pay for the ‘devastation’ it causes around the world.

Responding to Shell’s profits, senior climate justice campaigner for Greenpeace UK Elena Polisano, said: "World leaders have just set up a new fund to pay for the loss and damage caused by the climate crisis. Now they should force historical mega polluters like Shell to pay into it. It’s time to make polluters pay. If they had pivoted their business and transitioned away from fossil fuels sooner, we wouldn't be in such a deep crisis. It’s time for them to stop drilling and start paying.”

The high profit will mean that Shell will soon pay tax in the UK for the first time since 2017, yet in the first six months of 2022, Shell invested just 6.3 per cent of its £17.1bn profits into low carbon energy, and nearly three times more in oil and gas.

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