Schroders acquires impact investor BlueOrchard

In an effort to match investor’s demands Schroders appears to be expanding its scope to include BlueOrchard’s specialised style of impact investing and microfinance. With diminishing social trust in large-scale corporate activities, BlueOrchard’s focus on smaller emerging and frontier environmentally-conscious industries could help Schroders align itself with the interests of investors, who are becoming increasingly concerned with the public relations and government regulation of eco-unfriendly businesses.

The purchase marks a significant shift in the asset management capabilities and priorities of Schroders, a company who historically has dealt with large-scale investment portfolio management and wealth planning. BlueOrchard, on the other hand, is primarily focused on microfinance and non-financial returns on investments, using social and environmental targets. The expansion of scope to include these targets could help Schroders’ investors navigate the increasingly socially-concerned business landscape under the watchful eye of the public.

This acquisition comes just a few days after Moody’s Investors Service’s recent acquisition of Four Twenty Seven, a climate change risk assessment and economic analysis firm, reported on here. This series of acquisitions of emerging environmental and social investment and analysis firms marks an increasing focus on non-financial investment targeting, with more consideration given to investments in sustainable and renewable projects.

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