Pavements that suck up carbon

Carmaker SEAT has reduced the environmental impact of its Martorell factory by 34 per cent since 2010, including cutting 2.4m tonnes of CO2 emissions and installing pollution-killing pavements.

The photocatalytic pavements at the SEAT Technical Centre actually reduce pollution – constructed from cement slabs applied with titanium dioxide, when the chemical comes into contact with pollutants, light and oxygen at the same time, it triggers a reaction that decomposes the pollutants in the air, turning them into nitrates that dissolve with water. Effectively it decontaminates, cleans itself and kills bacteria all in one operation.

SEAT currently has 4,000 square metres of photocatalytic pavement, which reduces air pollution by 40 per cent. The company is considering its installation on a further 26,000 square metres of walkways within the entire business complex.

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