Women In Work Index – UK rises

In an analysis of 33 countries across the globe, PwC Women in Work Index found the UK is making progress, ranking second out of the G7 countries and performing above the OECD average.

Overall, the UK climbed by one place from 14th last year and has risen from 17th position in 2000. While the UK has improved across all of PwC’s self-defined five (and sometimes contested) indicators this year, progress has not been evenly spread across the regions. Scotland tops the index with a strong performance across the board, and the South West comes second due to the highest female labour force participation rate. The bottom two places are occupied by the East Midlands and West Midlands, primarily due to high female unemployment rates and large gaps between male and female labour force participation rates.

Nordic countries continue to perform well in the Women in Work Index, supported by larger government spending on family benefits such as affordable childcare, which helps to reduce the gender pay gap and increase female employment. Policies in turn influence culture, creating role models and influencing aspirations and expectations. This year, New Zealand enters the top three for the first time since the Index was first published in 2013.

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