Principles for financing a sustainable recovery

A new advisory group has been formed that will establish a set of principles for financing in the sustainable recovery.

The Advisory Council consists of experts from governments, central banks, DFIs, and the private financial sector including representatives of the European Investment Bank, Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, HSBC and WWF International.
The objectives are to create a framework shared by governments, central banks and financial regulators, development finance institutions, and the private financial sector to ensure that public and private bail-out and recovery finance is purposefully aligned with the SDGs and the climate mitigation and adaptation objectives of the Paris Agreement.

Furthermore it will establish guiding reference points for decisionmakers for defining, adopting, and reporting sustainable recovery finance measures in the context of their operations and provide an agreed framework based on which academia, think tanks, and civil society can analyse and monitor the degree of sustainability of recovery finance and hold providers of recovery finance to account.

CPI, ECF, and the Oxford Sustainable Finance Programme at the University of Oxford are collaborating to support the Advisory Council in development of the Principles.

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