Heineken announces Every Drop ambition

Heineken has announced its 2030 water vision in support of UN Sustainable Development Goal 6, dedicated to water protection.

"The world needs to pay more attention to water," said Jean-François van Boxmeer, chairman of the executive board/CEO. "Water is a precious, but unfortunately undervalued, resource. By 2025, two-thirds of the global population could be living in water-stressed conditions. We need to do more to protect water so communities living in water-stressed areas can continue to thrive."

Under the Every Drop water ambition for 2030, the Dutch brewer commits to fully balance within the local watershed every litre of water used in products in areas that are water stressed. The brewer also commits to working collaboratively with other users of the watershed so that its health is protected, which is essential for the communities around it to thrive. The company will also attempt to maximise water circularity in water-stressed areas through recovery, reuse, to recycling and to treat all of its wastewater worldwide and reduce water usage.

In addition, as most of the company’s water footprint comes from agriculture, and it will initiate a number of pilot projects in areas which depend on irrigation in order to grow more barley with less water.

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