Hydrogen transport in the limelight

Electric vehicles (EVs) have dominated the visions of clean transport, but they are not without problems (the scarcity and rights issues of lithium and transmission to recharging points). Now Hyundai is promoting hydrogen as a viable alternative.

In celebration of Earth Day 2019 the Seoul Metropolitan Library was lit up brightly with projections powered by five units of NEXO, the fuel cell electric SUV from Hyundai Motor Company. The four-minute imagery was projected repeatedly from 8 pm for an hour.

The demonstration in the heart of Seoul marks the world’s first instance of its kind using hydrogen fuel cell technology. It also exemplifies an environmentally friendly method of energy generation, as the five NEXOs used were charged at Sangam Hydrogen Station, which uses biogas produced from a nearby landfill to produce hydrogen. The fuel cell stacks in these SUVs were converted to generators to supply electricity to beam projectors, which were themselves individually equipped with power inverters.

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