Draft deal calls for stronger carbon cutting

COP26: A stronger approach to carbon reduction is being urged in a draft agreement, noting that vulnerable nations will need greater aid to cope with the impacts of global warming.

Countries are being urged to set more rigorous and quicker targets for carbon cutting and create longer-term strategies for reaching net-zero in the document published by the UK COP26 presidency.

The document is still only in draft form, and has not yet been ratified, but it represents the most serious global ambition to reach net-zero yet seen. The idea that countries should improve targets set in the Nationally Defined Contributions for 2030 by the end of the year demonstrates that there is a sense of urgency now at the summit and among delegates.

But, and there always does seem to be a but, without China attending it is perhaps too soon to cheer. The document, for example, wants countries to phase out coal and fossil fuels earlier, and without the largest carbon contributor signing up it can only be a partial success. Moreover, there is no guarantee that all, or any, of the deal will make the final version.

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