Transport targeted for green change

The Department for Transport (DfT) has published its Future of Mobility paper, outlining how it will plans utilise green technology in progressing its strategy, including a £90m investment to help make journeys ‘greener’.

As transport has been identified as one of the most damaging sectors for the environment, as acknowledged in a Department for Business, Industry and Energy Strategy report, the drive is to create a completely zero emission transport system that will improve air quality as well as helping reduce climate change through carbon emissions. To effect this change the DfT is expecting that half of new car sales will be ultra-low emission by 2030. Although even here there are some issues too resolve.

Jesse Norman, the Minister of State for Transport, stated that “Britain is on the verge of a transport revolution” citing the use of technology that has created “zero tailpipe emission cars” (exhaust pipe?) and self-driving vehicles, and along with better use of data these advances should improve the way that transport services are devised, planned and delivered.

Full paper here.

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