IPPR urges government to broaden climate targets

The Institute for Public Policy Research (IPPR) proposed its new Sustainable Economy Act which considers carbon emission targets as only one piece of the sustainability puzzle. The proposed act urges the UK government to set broader sustainability goals that include increasing biodiversity and soil fertility rates and improving air quality in order to deal with the pressing issues of climate change.

These proposals are, in part, a reaction to the potential new Office of Environmental Protection that the government plans to implement post-Brexit. Luke Murphy, head of the IPPR’s Environmental Justice Commission, referred to the fact that “much of the UK’s environmental policy [derives] from our membership of the EU” and expressed concerns that without the EU policy, a new post-Brexit environmental protection office may not be prepared to address the wider environmental concerns outlined by the IPPR.

The IPPR’s proposal suggests the creation of legislation setting new targets encompassing the aforementioned environmental concerns, as well as a new sustainability committee and enforcement body, to ensure the effective implementation of this legislation.

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