Sustainability third on businesses’ priority lists

Large and medium-sized organisations report improving sustainability as the third biggest challenge they face with greater focus being put on bringing social and environmental concerns in line with factors affecting profitability, according to the Road to Net-Zero report.

Whilst reducing consumption and working to reduced budgets are the two priorities, third placed sustainability challenges are creeping up on the business agenda, highlighting greater ethical business thinking and an emphasis on people and the planet, alongside profit. None-the-less the result is that only 40 per cent of businesses have made a net-zero commitment and even a sustainability plan is acknowledged in two-thirds (65 per cent).

Dan Sullivan, head of UK sales at Gazprom Energy who commissioned the research commented: “It is important that businesses understand that financial and sustainability priorities do not necessarily contradict each other – in fact, just the opposite. Sustainability initiatives can help to deliver profit and create new business opportunities.”

In terms of energy use the picture is a little brighter, with 74 per cent are ‘very likely’ or ‘fairly likely’ to go with a ‘green’ or renewable energy supplier when their contract is next up for renewal.

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